Rebecca H.

How I’ve created a completely new, leaner, healthier and much more confident version of myself!

Hello, my name is Becky. I started the ThinkLean Coaching Programme with Antonio in April and since then I’ve completely changed my attitude to food, feel more confident to take my daughter new places, have less physical pain, exercise regularly and oh yes I’ve lost over 3 stone in weight (& still going).

Let me give you some background; I have struggled with weight for all my adult life. I’ve done numerous diets and lost weight but as soon as I stopped following the diet (because let’s face it, who can diet their whole lives?) I would always put the weight back on and usually more!

Even diets stopped working for me eventually and I struggled to even have the willpower to lose weight for my wedding. Then after having my daughter, I was the heaviest I’ve ever been.

It was affecting daily life in that I felt too embarrassed about my weight to take my daughter to any playgroups, I didn’t want to meet new people and have them judge me for my weight.

Physically I found it painful to get down on the floor and play with my daughter and pick her up. I avoided looking in the mirror so I wouldn’t have to confront how heavy I’d become.

I started to think about joining a slimming group again but I knew deep down that I’d just end up putting the weight back on again…I needed something more!

Then after a bit of research, I was referred to Antonio by a friend, who described the ThinkLean Formula as a life-changing coaching programme.

I was a bit sceptical at first because of my past negative experiences but I went to the website and I was surprised to see that the coach’s story was so similar to mine.

Like me, he had also experienced a lifetime of physical and emotional struggles around food and obesity. I think it’s important to be able to share your pain and struggles with someone who understands.

What also convinced me to contact Antonio and book in the first introductory session was the strange but new approach to weight loss that his coaching programme was promoting. A programme that is not based on another useless diet, food plan or exhausting fitness regime, actually quite the opposite.

The programme promotes a new “inner approach” of discovering the reasons why someone is overweight and struggling with food-related issues and what are the reasons behind the scenes of certain unhealthy behaviours on both an emotional and physical level and then taking action on them.

I knew I was an emotional eater but didn’t know what to do about it. After the initial session with Antonio, I knew this was the programme that could change my life, I was apprehensive about if I’d be able to find the time to dedicate to it, but I realised that I needed to invest this time for me and my family, I didn’t want my weight to affect my daughter or for her to struggle the way I have with weight.

At the end of the programme, which lasted four months* (see footer notes), I felt like my life changed for the better.

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there”

I’ve learnt different techniques and skills to take control of my life. I’ve changed from avoiding the mirror and being disgusted with what I saw to be able to appreciate what I see and starting to feel comfortable. I now take a lot more pictures and videos with my daughter and enjoy looking at them rather than looking at them and criticising every detail.

I have a very hectic and stressful job so would find it difficult to eat on long shifts meaning that I’d end the day craving a takeaway having just grabbed sweets and chocolates to snack on during the day.

Following the ThinkLean training days and the numerous one to one coaching sessions with Antonio, I was able to find action-orientated solutions to cope with these cravings. The stress of my job hasn’t changed but now I am able to avoid unconsciously snacking during the day and my cravings at the end of the day are short-lasting.

I have created a new mindset

I am a lot more organised now with food, the decision of what I’m going to eat at each meal is no longer an added stress. I plan in advance and can plan family meals around mine and my husband’s shifts. I haven’t felt like I’m on a diet at any point, I consciously choose to eat what I want to eat with my goals in mind. I will still have a takeaway and chocolate but I make the choice to have it when I want it rather than having it to help me cope with an emotional situation.

During this coaching programme, I’ve also learnt to look into the future with a much more positive attitude. I feel excited and confident to create much bigger and better weight loss goals and I am now really looking forward to what the future will bring for me and my family.

I feel I now have the right mindset and the skills to be able to achieve anything I put my mind to.

I always felt like I was a negative person always relying on outside influences, like a compliment to make me feel good about myself. Now I feel good and more positive anyway and the compliments are an added bonus! I feel like that is the biggest result for me, becoming a happier more positive person, and the weight loss and exercise is as a result of this positivity.

If you’re reading this and thinking that this sounds familiar then you’ve already taken the biggest step by looking for help.

My initial goal was to lose weight but I’ve achieved so much more than the weight loss is the least of it.

I feel like I am finally in control of my life now and I’m grateful for the fact that I didn’t let my initial worries and scepticism from my past experiences stop me!

I’m grateful that I got in touch with Antonio and that I had the courage to take action and invest in myself by joining his ThinkLean Coaching Programme which helped me to discover and to create a completely new, leaner, healthier and much more confident version of myself!

I will never be grateful enough to have had the opportunity to join this programme.

Thank you, Antonio.