Brain Fuel

Between your ears, you have the most beautiful and powerful tool ever created. Nothing on this planet can match its qualities and abilities. NOTHING!

Your 3 pounds brain and, therefore, your mind and thoughts create who you are, what you do, and the result you have.

Your brain is like a sports car; to perform at its best need to be adequately fuelled, and the way you fuel your sports car is your complete responsibility.

Brain Fuel


Stop obsessing over what you do not have yet and be thankful for who you are and what you have right NOW.


Use your innate fight-or-flight response on purpose. Create an exciting life living out of your freaking comfort zone.


Be clear on what you want in your life, and for each desire and goal, visualise your future successes as already achieved.


Love. Love and accept yourself and others, create meaningful connections and never, ever hold affection and caring gestures to who you genuinely care about.


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