Challenge Your Limitations

Challenge Your Limiting Beliefs

I am aware of some of the limiting beliefs I have and how they are stopping me. What do I need to do now?” This is the most common question I have been asked repeatedly over the years from the people I have worked with—last time, 12 hours ago.

Despite the personality, the background, or the situation of the person I am helping, my answer is always the same.

Now that you are fully aware of your self-imposed limiting beliefs, no matter why you have them and where they’re coming from, the only way to transform those limitations is some empowering beliefs is to do the exact opposite of what your limitation is telling you not to do“.

Nobody can change your limitations for you

There are no secrets, formulas, activities or coaches out there that can magically change your limitations for you. The only way is to doubt and challenge those beliefs by taking action against them.

People often confuse their thoughts and their limitations with their identity; that’s why so many people give up in life. The truth is that you are not your thoughts, you are not your feelings, and you are not your beliefs.

If you want to experience something different in your life, you must start to BELIEVE in something different!


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