Jump and Overcome Fear

Overcome the fear of the unknown

How many people are stuck because of fear of the unknown? How many people prefer comfort over challenges?

The truth is that the majority of us settle for a mediocre life because of fear of jumping into something scary, challenging, and uncomfortable, even if this could bring us to a much better and fulfilled life.

Well, we are just human, and we are made to stay in our safe way of living.

What helps me is to approach new things in my life, both good and bad, always with a degree of curiosity.

Unleash your child-like curiosity

As adults, we lose our innate curiosity, and we become judgemental over everything, including ourselves. Look at children; they do not care; they are curious to experiment, to try, and to leant even when it’s uncomfortable.

Sometimes we need to jump, even when there isn’t a net protecting us. Sometimes we must take a step forward, even when it’s all uncertain and scary, but with the child-like curiosity to see what will happen.

Remember, our inner survival mechanism will always push us towards safety, but to stay always safe, well, this is a personal choice.


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