How to Find Your Emotional Why

How to Find Your Emotional WHY for Everything!

What’s your main goal at the moment? Are you establishing a new business? Changing your career? Maybe you’re trying just trying to become, more confidente, or happier, healthier? Whatever it is you are trying to achieve, behind your desire, there is a reason. For many people, though, those reasons are very loose, superficial and without real meaning. But you have to know that behind all our wishes, there is the idea that once we are, do or have (fill the blank), we will FEEL good.

The feeling behind what we want

The outcome we want from anything is life, is NOT the “thing” itself, but the feelings, the emotions that we will experience as the result of achieving it. Suppose your goal is becoming a millionaire. It won’t be the balance available in your bank account that will make the difference in your life, but, the meaning you attach to that achievement and the feelings you will experience as a result of the achievement.

Now, to increase the chances of being successful in EVERY AREA of your life, you MUST attach strong EMOTIONAL REASONS to each one of your desires. With honesty, ask yourself:

– What’sWhat’s the main reason for wanting to achieve…?
– What’sWhat’s the cost/pain if I DO NOT achieve…?  

Spending time reflecting and answering this question will give you a profound clarity on the reasons why you want to be, do or have something in your life. Strong enough reasons will provide you with the right motivation to keep going even when the path becomes tough.

Use “Pain” as a driving force

To achieve any form of success, to me, is also essential to leverage the strongest driving force we have as a human being—“Pain”.

By answering the second question, I want you to evaluate and experience the impact you will have in your life by NOT achieving what you want. If something you want, is very, very important to you, thinking about the possibility of NOT achieving it should result in a painful emotional state.

Deep is the painful emotional state you will elicit from this reflection, more profound will be the reasons why you want and MUST to achieve what you want.

Behind every great success, there is a strong emotional reason to move forward

to overcome obstacles and to fight for what you want. If you are struggling to achieve short, medium and big goals is probably because you’re trying without having a good clear understanding of why you are doing it.

As well as, you don’t have enough strong emotional reasons attached to what you, that will help you to sustain the willing, the motivation, and the desire to keep going.

Spend some quality time on your WHY and feel free to share your insights!