Get out of your comfort zone

Staying safe and feeling protected in your comfort zone, doing only the things you know how to do well and never challenge yourself is what most of us do.

But what is the price we’re paying for not pushing the boundaries of our comfort zones? To me, the price is the complete absence of learning and growth—a price too high to pay.

The constant desire for comfort, stability, and balance is part of our being humans.

Your brain wants to keep you safe

Our brain wants to keep us safe. Linger in your comfort zone is your survival instinct, telling you to stay away from anything that is considered a potential threat. It also means, though, putting your brain on autopilot.

Books are one of my passion. Reading, learning, and applying what I understand is my way of fighting back the desire for comfort.

A fantastic book I am currently reading is “What Makes Your Brain Happy and Why You Should Do the Opposite”. by David DiSalvo –

Learn how to do the opposite of what your brain tells you to do, challenge your desire for comfort and help you embrace the new experiences.

New experiences mean new lessons, new lessons mean growth, and “Growth is the only evidence of life”. John Henry Newman.

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