Transform Failure to Feedback

How to Transform Failure to Feedback

We all fail at some point, but we must learn how to look at all our failures as the best source of information available to grow, improve and change.

For many years I have defined myself as a “failure“. Every mistake I made was only another reason to confirm how shit I was.

Looking at myself, there was not a possibility for a change. When we strongly believe in something we must prove ourselves always right. I had very low self-esteem, so everything I was approaching was already with a self-defeated mindset and when you do that there is no surprise you keep falling in situations where you have to fail. You have to prove yourself how crap you are as you cannot contradict your own self-beliefs!

Changing the approach and the mindset

When I forced myself to look at every failure and every mistake not as a defeat, but as a learning tool to use at my advantage, well, my life was not the same anymore. It was not an easy and obvious change, I had to first study myself deeply and spend a lot of time developing self-awareness skill. I had to understand first of all my limiting beliefs and how they were dictating my choices, my action and the result I was having.

I have to admit it was challenging, but when I have started to see my less positive results not anymore as “death sentences” but as good information to use at my advantage, the results I had were amazing. Also, and I think this is the most important this, I have slowly also improved my level of confidence and self -esteem. I have started to see myself on a different light, with new possibilities and abilities that I never thought I had.

To achieve better results, I had to first change my approach toward myself than to the things I was doing. Doing so, my life took a completely different direction.

“I have not failed; I have just found 10,000 ways that don’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison

Action always beats the intention

If you want to see some amazing results in your life, delete the word “failure” from your vocabulary and change it to “feedback“.

Be always highly curious to learn from your mistakes, don’t be over-critical. Be courageous enough to keep going even when the path is difficult, start to believe more in yourself and take daily action towards what you want to achieve while remembering that…

Fail is a First Attempt In Learning

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