Lessons in the pain

Sooner or later, we all have to deal with some pain and suffering for something or for someone.

Some of you may be right now in the midst of a struggling situation, and it could be very challenging to see the light.

Let’s face the truth; in the suffering, our total attention goes to the hurt, and if we’ve been hurt in the past for some of us is still challenging to release those pains.

However, there is a lesson we can learn in every experience we have in life;

No matter how painful or difficult the situation is or it was, behind it, there is a lesson to be learned. A lesson that you couldn’t have learned any other way.

Pain is a private matter

I believe that pain in every shape and form must be kept private.

To me, pain is not a social media topic, but the inspiration for my posts, from my journaling and the idea I share, are always coming from the lessons I consciously decide to find in my struggles.

The point is:

if you focus on the hurt, you will continue to suffer, but if you focus on the lesson, you will continue to grow.


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