Life Coach Mentoring

Becoming a Professional Life Coach is a life-changing journey. It’s a call; it’s often an inner decision we take to shift our existence into a more purposeful one and then, to please the desire to have an impact on the life of others by helping them to realise their most important goals and dreams.

Like every skill, becoming a life coach requires study, work, dedication, patience and a lot of daily practice.

The journey can be overwhelming, but, you don’t need to figure everything out by yourself.

If you are a life coach or would like to become one, I would be more than happy to become your personal Mentor Coach and support you during your entire life coaching journey.

As a certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner with 10 plus years of experience under my belt in the field of Life and Business Coaching as an Emotional Intelligence coach, after having spent the last five years mentoring and supporting hundreds of trainees life coaches in their coaching journeys, I also want to help you to become the most successful and empowering life coach you can be.

Are you interested in hiring me as your Mentor Coach? Let’s talk!


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