Men Cry Too

Men Cry Too

I have been recently asked: “do you ever cry?” Yes, I do, and I cry pretty often too.

To me, crying is a form of releasing the shit out of my system; it cleans my soul, and I always feel better after.

Unfortunately, there are still lots of misconceptions out there about men and emotions. There are still loads of false beliefs on how men should behave in certain situations, or react to some deep emotional pain.

I could never hide my emotions and feelings, and despite the shared beliefs, crying should not be considered as a weakness. Actually, being always genuine and real, showing the very nature of who we are at an emotional level, should, in my opinion, to be considered more like a strength.

“There is nothing stronger than a man who isn’t afraid of his own tears, and even stronger is the man who isn’t afraid for others to see them streaming down his face.” – David O’Shire.


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