Antonio Esposito Steep Climb

Overcoming difficulties one step at a time!

Running is not only a moment where I usually tend to push over my limits physically but, also a moment of deep inner reflection.

We all have to face steep climbs in life—moments where difficulties and emotional stress make us feel out of breath. In those moments, the only thing we would like to do is to run faster towards the end of our struggles.

A different approach = a different life!

Today, running over that steep climb was more challenging than the usual; The logic was telling me to stop and take some rest, my gut, to keep going but with a different approach.

Instead of looking towards the top of the climb and focusing on how hard it was to reach it, I started to look at my feet. I didn’t stop, I kept running but concentrate on my feet taking one step at the time.

What will make a massive difference in achieving your goals or finding the solutions for your problems is the quality of each step you take today.

If life gets tough, don’t stop, keep going but focus on what you can do today. One action, one step, one day at the time, you will reach the top of your life!

Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. – Casey Kasem

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