Become a Successful Life Coach

“There are too many life coaches out there, the competition is high, and I am afraid I won’t be successful. What’s your view on that?”

As a mentor at The Coaching Academy, I have been asked this question many times.

Although it’s probably true that today everyone seems to be a coach of something, I won’t be worried about the so-called competitors. Like I always did, I would only focus on my own professional journey and daily crafting my skills.

The difference that makes the difference in your life is YOU.

Your passion, your motives, your willingness to continually develop yourself. The determination to move forward despite the fear while challenging your limitations including the courage to keep believing in yourself even when nobody does are the ingredients to create a fulfilling personal and professional life.

Being honest, how many people are also saying what I’m saying today? Millions! But how many are truly living their lives applying those concepts? How many of them will not give up when the path towards success gets tough? Trust me, not too many!

It doesn’t matter how many other people do what you do; what matters is how good you do what you do and for how long you are willing to do it!


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