Yiasemina Ioannidou | Personal Performance Life and Executive Coach – United Kingdom Linkedln

Yiasemina Ioannidou“There are mentors, and there’s Antonio! Antonio is an extraordinary human being and one of the best Next Level Mentors I met so far. He is super passionated, yet calm, his words are genuine, yet powerful and he is just so humble and inspiring! Speaking from personal experience, I honestly can’t recommend him enough! – If you need a mentor Antonio is truly a gem! Take my word for it!!”

Jonathan Skelton | Life and Performance Coach – United Kingdom Linkedln

Jonathan Skelton“I had the pleasure of being mentored by Antonio when I was training to be a coach myself. I found the sessions both thought provoking and reassuring as I navigated my way through the course. Antonio has a great personality and he challenged me to find my own way as well as offering nuggets of his expertise when appropriate. I would absolutely recommend Antonio to anyone looking for a coach or a mentor. “

Eleonora Giovannardi | Courses Administrator – United Kingdom Linkedln

Eleonora GiovannardiI had the pleasure to have Antonio as a mentor and I really benefited greatly from our sessions. He was able to motivate me and to teach me what he knows. He always exhibits a positive attitude and he was providing me guidance and constructive feedback to my coaching. A great mentor, thank you!

Pietro Asghedom, Software Development Manager | Scrum Master –  Italy Linkedln

Pietro Asghedom“Antonio has been my coach for about 6 months.
Thanks to his coaching I have identified what holds me back and limits me,
my strengths and the daily actions I must do to get what I want in love, family, friends and of course in my career.
With him I am following a path that I outlined for me, that started with the definition of my goals and the daily actions that I have to take in order to achieve my Goals. I thank you for coaching me and helping me to become a better person and helping me build the life I desire.”

Antonella Santini, Certified Health Coach through Duke Integrative Medicine, United Kingdom Linkedln

Antonella Santini“Being mentored by Antonio has been the best thing I did to progress in becoming a Life Coach. I am at the last stages of my Coaching Academy Life & Personal Performance Coaching Diploma. Antonio has helped me put everything I learned together, monitor my work and helping me to identify how better enhance my coaching skills. He has a very professional approach, and, at the same time, he is very empathic. He is a very competent coach and mentor, and, thanks to his mentorship, I became a more confident and knowledgeable Life Coach. Furthermore, I was able to reach more clients, and I enhance my professional practice. Thanks, Antonio.”

Angela Fedele, Life Coach & Learning and Development Advisor at ENI International – United Kingdom Linkedln

Angela Fedele Life Coach“The impact that Antonio’s mentoring sessions has had on me have been invaluable. Antonio has helped me realise, plan and achieve multiple goals across my first experience of mentoring. I will use the tool that Antonio has suggested for many years. I am extremely grateful for Antonio and his mentoring sessions.”

Simona Bielskiene, Graduate Structural Engineer – United Kingdom Linkedln

Simona Bielskiene“We all heard a phrase “LOVE YOURSELF”, but do you really know what it truly means? I thought I knew as well. However, after a few sessions with Antonio, I realised that what I knew was far away from the true.. and then, Magic happened!

I will be thankful to him the rest of my life! Amazing experience! Highly recommended.”

Gustavo Schettino Gontij, Personal and Career Coach – United Kingdom Linkedln

Gustavo Schettino Gontijo“I am training to become a coach and very motivated with the opportunities ahead. It is not easy to pursue a new career, mainly to understand how a coach approach supporting others to have clarity and move steps forward. Having a background in Psychology, it is even more challenging regarding approach. Antonio mentoring has helped me a lot in finding my answers doing exactly what a coach I believe should approach: using effective and reflective questions, being empathetic and not being judgmental. I couldn’t find a better way to learn and progress. Not to mention, his sympathy, open style and enthusiasm for learning and share his knowledge with others, mainly by his inspiring posts. All the best, Antonio.”

Kate Harvey, Writer & Content Strategist – United Kingdom Linkedln

“I’ve been working with Antonio throughout lockdown, and I can honestly say that I’ve made tremendous shifts that I didn’t expect would be possible in such testing times. I come away feeling as though I’m closer towards my goals and a clearer mindset, and look forward to the next session all week! Together we’ve explored different roadblocks, and we’re now moving closer towards specific goals that I simply wouldn’t have been able to achieve alone in such a short space of time. For me, it’s really important to have somebody who listens, challenges your thought patterns and gives fantastic nuggets of wisdom along the way, and Antonio does this every single session without fail. We also have a great laugh! Over the past few weeks, I can feel more clarification about personal projects and my career path that were previously just pipe dreams. Thank you so much for our empowering sessions, Antonio – you’ve been my best discovery in 2020!”

Isabel Barbosa, CEO at Isabel Barbosa Coaching – United Kingdom Linkedln

“I highly recommend Antonio as a life coach. Antonio as a coach has a way to making you feel so special during his coaching sessions; that you may think you are his only client. He gives you undivided attention and he is 100% in the session. I am ever so grateful for my coaching sessions with Antonio. I am training to become a life coach myself and I wanted a coach that helps me to face my own limitations and self-doubts in relation to my personal and professional goals. From the beginning, I felt I was in a safe space where I could really talk about my “big projects” for the first time. One day I’ve told Antonio: “I love my coaching sessions with you because you really make me believe my goals are achievable.” Not that Antonio said anything to validate my goals, I just felt that way. Antonio has the ability to challenge me without making me feel uncomfortable or judged. Actually, I love when he challenges me as this helps me to create a deeper level of self-awareness and prompt me to take actions. During our coaching conversations, we explore new ideas, I get clarity, feel motivated and we laugh a lot too. We have built such an amazing rapport from the start and I always look forward to our weekly sessions. It’s been empowering! Thank you so much, Antonio, for your support for the last 3 months.”

Kiri Nowak-Smith, CEO The Content Wolf – United Kingdom Linkedln

“It’s difficult to express just how much Antonio has changed my life in so many ways. I will be forever thankful for the support and wisdom he has shared with me over the last five years. I think he’s a genius and should be recognised for his talents in coaching. He has helped me transform my business and make my dreams come true. He has also enabled me to work towards personal huge milestones like fitting into my wedding dress, getting married, buying a house and starting a family. I suffer from anxiety and am a HUGE worrier, and thanks to Antonio, I’ve been able to change my mindset and become a stronger person who is more well equipped to deal with challenging situations. Put simply, I just wouldn’t be where I am without him. He always inspires me in every single session. I come away from each session feeling empowered and thinking ‘yes, I can do this’. If you’re considering coaching, I highly recommend you get in touch with him. His passion is infectious and he genuinely cares about helping people – this shines through in everything he does. I want to say a HUGE thank you to Antonio. I am so lucky to be able to work with you.”

Suki Mal, Senior Portfolio Analyst – United Kingdom Linkedln

“What can I say about this amazing person… from the moment I met Antonio I knew he had potential… and his pursuit to help others has been remarkable… Antonio has all the natural abilities when it comes to coaching but what amazed me most about Antonio is the time and effort he will provide and won’t give up on u until he has got you to the place you need to be… Although I have always turned to Antonio for various aspects of my life. Antonio helped me recently with me conquering my fears… his humble persona meant he would walk in after a long tiring day put his own time aside to help me straight away as much as he could, it’s the way he listens.. understands.. finds solutions and his suggestions are that we will understand like we are sitting there talking to a friend but who will then provide you with solutions and tactics that are proven to work… and his models and theories really do work…(I use them all the time). It is a pleasure to have been coached by Antonio and I will continue using his help. . I wish him all the best on his amazing journey and watching his work develop and help so many others…”

Helena Vernholm, Leadership Expert | Professional Growth & Development Coach – Denmark Linkedln

“For me, this was more than a weight-loss journey, even though I soon realized that my over-eating at times was very much as comfort and in fact emotional eating. I used food as a band-aid for my emotional problems whenever I felt sad, stressed or nervous about anything or when I just wanted to reward myself for any type of success and ”celebrate”.
Antonio helped me to think more clearly and focused, reminding me of what I essentially already knew, but had been too fearful and cautious to fully live out. Antonio basically helped me to get rid of a lot of ”junk” from my mind and my thoughts. In other words and through this amazing coaching period, Antonio helped me to get my mind as lean and efficient as my body. Antonio helped me see how I need to learn how to not plan or worry about what I can not control and to be kind to people but that is very different from trying to please them all the time. I learned how to be unapologetic about living out what I know is the real truth allowing myself to be heard, seen and succeed regardless of other people opinions about this. Thank you!”

Sean Atkinson – MD Surgeon – United States

“I have worked with Antonio for over 1 1/2 years during various goal coaching sessions. I can not stress enough how important it is to have an effective coach such as Antonio who has a diligent and focused work ethic. Personally, his coaching sessions assisted in developing myself into a better worker and transformed my approach to personal realities. I say this being cognizant that I have further hurdles to overcome. Antonio is a great listener that infuses principles of accountability and passion for his job during each coaching session. What Antonio offers over other coaches is his adaptability to the client and various cognitive interventions he utilizes. He does not subscribe to the ‘one size fits all’ mentality which is something any future client of his should be grateful for. In one session, I recall applying 3-4 different techniques and interventions! If anyone is considering working with Antonio or pondering coaching for that matter, some gentle words of advice: Be able to step back from your current struggles and develop insight into the situation. This is important to prime yourself to be open to suggestions and ideas from a coach. I mention this as I believe it to be important if any coaching session has a chance of impacting your life beyond what you may have ever expected.”

Will Aylward, Mindset & Mindfulness Coach for Men – Germany Linkedln

“During my 6 sessions with Antonio, we focused on Task-management as well as the next steps for my newly formed Business. Antonio’s support as a Coach has enabled my Business to develop much faster than had I worked alone. Antonio has a very genuine nature which made it easy for me to trust him and build rapport. I have the tendency of being quite general with my goals but one of Antonio’s many strengths is his ability to delve deep and ask questions that allow me to be very specific about what it is I wanted to achieve. Antonio was confident in refreshing the questions that he asked me, no two sessions were the same which really helped me to experience my goals and beliefs from a different outlook each time we spoke. I always felt that Antonio was listening attentively to me during our sessions: trusting him 100% enabled me to be completely honest with him. I believe Antonio is a fantastic coach, always encouraging me toward clear and relevant actions. Antonio’s support has been amazing I’m confident that we will work together for many years to come. Thank you to Antonio!”

Guy Mackenzie, CEO at Loanable.com – United Kingdom

“I have worked with Antonio for some time now and can personally vouch for his excellent motivational skills. He helps you take a different perspective on your life and encourages you to find solutions to challenges we all face. Antonio is easy to talk to and really works hard to get to know you. I strongly recommend him for anyone looking to improve any area of their lives, whether that be weight issues, relationship issues or personal issues. Antonio helps you smash through roadblocks and become a more developed individual.”

Idil Ali CEO GIJA London – United Kingdom

“Having to go through a difficult time and not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, struggling with every area of my life, to the point where not being able to control my emotions and letting it take charge over my life. I was lucky enough to give coaching a chance, something I would never consider before.
Antonio started coaching me, it was an eye-opening experience, he helped me to find ways to question certain aspects of my life, at the time I didn’t I know were causing the trigger of it all, within few months of receiving coaching from Antonio I have achieved so much, the fact that my emotions are not controlling my life, and I am in control of my emotions is a huge breakthrough for me. he has helped me overcome fears I was unaware of and not willing to deal with at that time, he is a fantastic coach, his patience, drive, motivation and commitment to help me achieve my goals, was a mind-blowing experience, I have learnt so much from him, he got me to understand self-development and growth is a process and a way of life, not a short-term goal or a destination, that I need to be willing to invest in myself.
I proud to say I have my life back, I am excited to push my boundaries, and am looking forward to the challenges ahead and continue my coaching with Antonio. I could never thank him enough and will forever be grateful for all he has done for me. I couldn’t recommend him enough. Thanks a million, Antonio.”

Rob John Pollit – United Kingdom

“I started working with Antonio seven months ago and since doing so have main great gains in with confidence, mentality and general life skills. I would highly recommend Antonio to anyone wanting to improve themselves and hit their personal goals no matter what they are.”

Tony Salvatore, CEO at Nino’s Barber Shop – United Kingdom

“I didn’t know what coaching was before working with Antonio. I have to admit, I was a bit sceptical at the beginning but, I decided to give it a try. I worked with Antonio for a couple of months and I have to admit, I never achieved so much in such short-term while I was working with him. Antonio helped me first to clarify all my future business aims and then he helped me to create a clear plan of action in order to actually achieve all my targets. He also helped me become more aware of my inner strengths and actually use those strengths on demand and on purpose! Coaching definitely helped me to move my professional and personal life to the next level and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Antonio. He is very passionate about helping people to become the best version they can be. The motivation I had working with Antonio was out of this world! I am planning to work with him again in the next future!”

Martin Hayman, Founder at Wild Sprout – United Kingdom Linkedln

“In just my first session with Antonio, he really opened my eyes. Has made me think in a whole different way that’s really helping me already. He also highlighted things I’d never noticed before like the amount I say “but”. Just trying to eliminate this word is making a huge difference. I would highly recommend having a chat with Antonio.”

Abdul H S Mohammed, Doctor Of Chiropractic – United Kingdom Linkedln

“I attended the one-day seminar with Antonio. I regularly go to personal development seminars, and this was one of the most valuable seminars. So many self-discoveries. Perhaps the most important one was that Antonio helped me realise my greatest values in life. Whether you’re feeling stuck in life or just want to accelerate your performance, Antonio will be able to help you!”

Silvana Nicholls, Coach | MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology – United Kingdom Linkedln

“Antonio is a truly brilliant coach! His questioning style is very direct and effective. He helped me understand exactly what it was that was driving me to achieve my goal and then use that drive to motivate me to achieve it. Antonio challenged my way of thinking and helped me discover options that I didn’t realise existed, moving me forward towards success! He was never judgemental through the coaching relationship which put me at ease, we have established rapport instantly, and his sense of humour made the coaching session fun! Antonio encouraged me to see the positive in everything and feel positive in relation to my goal. He encouraged me to focus on my strengths and use them to my advantage. I found hi coaching sessions really beneficial, enjoyable and revolutionary in many ways. His questioning skills were on point and incredibly insightful. If you are lucky to be able to work with him you won’t regret it!”
I would recommend Antonio. He will change your life!”

Clare Walker, Life Coach – United Kingdom

“I really enjoyed being coached by Antonio –  he asked me some really challenging questions that helped push me to re-assess my first answers in order to create more meaningful ones. He placed a lot of focus on what I said; ensuring I was framing my answers in the positive and challenging myself to think harder when generating options. I also found his approach to the sessions very professional; He informed me of the timings of the session at the beginning and end as well ensuring I had everything I needed and was ready to begin the session. Talking with Antonio helped me feel very calm yet motivated to complete the actions we had set together. I felt he was a good listener and I could open up to him.”

Ilya Pecherskiy, Musician Artist – Russia

“Work with Antonio helped me to clarify my thinking and turn my attention from what I could do in the future to what I can do right now. It provided me with a problem-solving blueprint which required honesty and concentration and thus forced me to stretch my comfort zone and see things in a different light. I was a valuable experience from which I learned useful things.”

Sanae Floyd, Business Breakthrough Coach and Sales Expert – United Kingdom Linkedln

“I achieved an incredible breakthrough during Antonio’s Unstoppable Achiever event and I’m so grateful! The day was so much fun and Antonio’s openness and willingness to share his incredible story was inspiring. I feel like I have such a renewed motivation for achieving my big goals now!! Thank you!!”

Maria Chiara Bradascio, PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology – United Kingdom Linkedln

“I took part of the unstoppable achiever live workshop hosted by Antonio Esposito, it was an interesting day because I had the possibility to share one of the important goal I want to achieve and I had good advice in order how to achieve it. Thank you.”

Augusto Triste, Senior Front End Developer – United Kingdom Linkedln

“Antonio is a great life coach, I had just started a new business and needed help to get more organised and push things forward. Antonio helped me a lot, his coaching sessions are very good.”

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