What is true success?

Articles, blog posts, quotes the number of resources and people talking about “success” is endless.

Posts on achieving personal success, reaching specific goals or, becoming a six/seven-figure of something are prevalent. There is always someone trying to make you successful at something. But nobody is asking you to sit down and reflect on the real meaning you’ve attached to the word “success”.

What’s Success?

Success is money; success is being confident; success is fame; success is a lean body; success is having power; success an ideal marriage. All of these statements can be true for someone, but entirely false for someone else.

Nowadays, success is wrongly seen as an objective thing to achieve. To me, there is nothing more subjective than success.

What do you think success looks like for someone that is fighting a life-threatening illness? What success means for someone that is in jail?

What Success really is

Success has not a one fits all definition. The true meaning of success it’s inside you. Don’t waste any more time reaching a level of success that is not truly yours.

Ask yourself: what success truly means to me? And when you’ve found the answer in your heart, then, without compromising, go for it!


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