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Your story is someone else’s survival guide.

“One day you will tell your story of how you overcame what you went through and it will be someone else’s survival guide.” – Brene Brown⁠⁠

I started this journey with a desire: using all my mess to help people to avoid as much as possible the same mistakes I did.

I wanted to help individuals fight and overcome the same mental, physical and emotional pains and struggles I had to endure for most of my life.

Today, everything I do, everything I teach, and everything I write have something about me in it.

Yes, you can read books, study from the morning to the night, have multiple certificates and honours on your wall, but, in the end, the story of your life is what is making you.

Your experience: an invaluable guide

Your experience could be an invaluable guide to someone else out there struggling with something that you were able to overcome.

Don’t worry about how many views, likes, readers, and followers you have; your story will reach who is supposed to be reached, and it will touch the heart of those who needed to be touched.


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